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Data Vault model generator (DVGEN)

Data Vault is a modeling methology developed by Dan Linstedts.


Due to is characteristics, this approach is a really candidate for automated processing.  Using this characteristics we created automated processing permitting, from a source data model:


  • Physical data models:

    • Creation of data vault model

    • Creation of data models for intermediate steps

    • Complete linage between all models

    • All SQL to load all tables in all models

    • Optionnaly usage of customizable "optimization" extended model for each database technology to produce 


  • Data movement models:

    • Creation of all data flows with all components to be used to produce the solution

    • Creation of orchestration: considering all depedencies, orchestration is the flow organisation to produce the final solution


  • ETL (new since SAP PowerDesigner 16.5 SP05)

    • Data movement models can now be used to generate Data Services 4.2 XML file (with existing limitations as documented) (*)

  • From May 2019 : New version (3.0) generate DV 2.0 compatible data models, with optional data movement models.

Gains are:

  • All data models (extraction, staging and final model) are generated automatically very faster (in minutes) then permit quick prototyping; may include pre-optimized data models (option) and ETL load documentation (option)

  • Reproductible results in time

  • Full lineage between models including intermediate layers (extraction and staging) which is often missed

  • Permit to reduce project lifecycle from weeks or months to week(s)

  • Simplify testing effort by having reproductible in quality results

  • With new PowerDesigner capabilities, can deliver XML file for SAP Data Services and complete solution with few step(*)






(*) Please note we do not provide any guarantee for SAP Data Services XML Generation, any support for SAP Data Services or any third party software.

Click here for a short demonstration video. 

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